This clumsy baby panda is the cutest thing you’ll see today

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baby panda falls head first
Clumsy baby panda takes a tumble during first public appearance – Source:

Twenty-three baby pandas made their public debut at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, in China. One of the cubs stole the spotlight in the cutest, clumsiest way imaginable.

The giant panda is native to the mountain ranges in the Sichuan province, in central China.

Due to excessive farming and deforestation, the species has been driven out of its habitat and is now deemed “conservation reliant vulnerable”.

There are only a couple of thousand giant pandas left in the world.

All the more reason for the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China – home to the world’s biggest captive giant panda population – to hold a public presentation of their twenty-three newly born baby pandas with great pomp and show.

baby pandas make their public debut
Twenty-three baby pandas, one cuter than the other – Source:

All the baby pandas were proudly displayed on a green podium.

chengdu baby pandas on display
Baby pandas on their first public appearance – Source:

The center’s workers were swarming around the podium, arranging the baby pandas by size and making sure the presentation was going according to plan.

adventurous baby panda
One of these cubs is not like the others – Source:

But one little fellow had a different plan. He decided to go on a little adventure of his own and fell off the podium head first.

cute baby panda
Oops! Source:

Needless to say, he stole the spotlight, along with the hearts of everyone watching.

Fushun has become world famous for falling on his head during his first public appearance and is now referred to as “upside-down Fushun”.

clumsy baby panda
Upside-down Fushun – Source:

According to the panda base in Chengdu, Fushun is believed to bring good fortune, as upside-down “Fu” indicates that good fortune arrives.

Fushun now weighs over 22 pounds and is very popular with both human beings and fellow pandas. His biggest hobbies are, as one would expect, eating, sleeping and rolling on the ground.

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