Kind bus driver stops to tie elderly man’s shoelaces, gets lots of love in return

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kind bus driver
This kind bus driver is being praised by passengers after stopping to tie an elderly man’s shoelaces – Source: Leah Brown

Jackie Downie, a bus driver with Lothian Buses in Scotland, is being praised by his passengers after he stopped to tie the shoelaces of an elderly man he spotted walking by in Edinburgh.

Downie noticed the elderly man was using a walking stick. Worried that he might trip on his untied laces and fall, Downie parked his bus and got off to help the man.

‎Leah-Ashley Brown – one of the passengers – snapped a picture of the kind bus driver bending down at the elderly man’s shoes.

She shared the picture on the Lothian Buses Facebook page, along with the message: “Kudos to the driver on bus service number three for getting off to tie this elderly gentleman’s shoe laces”.

“He is a lovely man and on the route a lot. Recently, I was on crutches and Jackie would wait until I sat down until he moved off. Same with the elderly gentleman, he is always so nice and patient with passengers,” Brown added.

Dozens of other passengers showered Jackie Downie with love on the Lothian Buses Facebook page:

“Now that’s the type of drivers I’d like to see on every bus,” Ryan Mcglone wrote.

“Jackie, you are a ray of hope in this confusing, uncertain world. Bravo to you, sir,” Denyse Kuypers said.

“Good on you. Still some good people in this world,” Greta Tiffney agreed.

“Good to see. Only takes two minutes but I bet this gentleman appreciated for rest of his day,” Jennie Brown wrote.

Mr. Downie has been working for Lothian Buses for 41 years.

“We’re very proud of Jackie for taking the initiative to help this gentleman, he is a true asset to our business and it’s great to see that his act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed,” a spokeswoman for Lothian Buses said.

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