These uplifting pictures will show you what true love is

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A taxi driver keeps a touching note from his daughter on his key fob.

taxi driver message from kids
Source: Reddit

The message reads: “Dear daddy, thank you for working so hard for us. I love you a lot. Love, Resi”.

A soldier mom breaks ranks to hug her 3-year-old son.

military mom breaks ranks
Source: National Guard

After a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan, Kathryn Waldvogel and her fellow National Guard soldiers were told by their superiors to stay in formation and wait to be dismissed before greeting their loved ones at a homecoming celebration. When her 3-year-old son, Cooper, came running to her before she was dismissed, she couldn’t help but break the ranks to give him a hug.

“I was longing to hold him. That’s all that I thought about,” Waldvogel said.

Husband dresses up and brings his wife flowers for their 57th anniversary.

old couple anniversary

Advanced age and poor health can’t stand in the way of true love. This man put on his best suit and bought flowers to surprise his wife on their 57th wedding anniversary.

Two women in their nineties sit next to each other in wheelchairs as they get married after 72 years together.

women get married after 72 years together
Source: Imgur

Vivian Boyack and Alice Dubes, both in their nineties, finally tied the knot after 72 years together. The women met in their hometown of Yale, Iowa, while growing up.

“This is a celebration of something that should have happened a very long time ago,” the reverend officiating the ceremony said.

A woman sleeps by her ill horse’s side.

woman takes care of ill horse

When her horse fell ill, this young woman moved into the stable and slept by its side.

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